Industrial Automation

As you strive to run a more efficient and profitable operation, we provide many services in the Industrial Automation segment to assist in your efforts to automate your manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes.

We provide the design, tools and support to move your product from prototype to small batch production and process validation to full production.

Advisory Services

When we step into your world to understand your needs and goals, we take an in depth look at your existing processes, and then develop intelligent and data driven concepts and solutions to improve your operation. We will evaluate your facility with several production metrics in mind and create solutions to:

  • Increase Throughput
  • Increase Quality of output
  • Increase Consistency of processes and output
  • Increase Energy efficiency
  • Increase Safety
  • Decrease Labor costs
  • Decrease design costs

System Integration

As our clients continue to leverage technology as a part of their automation systems, we want to make sure all software and hardware systems work together efficiently. All elements of your new system will be programmed for optimum output from your automation system. As well, we have the ability to link the new system into your existing system and the machinery to provide an overview of all operations.

R&D; Engineering

Engineering design is one of our strong suits. We enjoy the challenge of confronting a situation that requires new product design and development to generate a customized solution to solve all objectives. We have years of experience across many industries that have helped us develop and hone our skills to custom engineer and develop new product design and processes.

A few areas for our engineering services are as follows:

  • Application Optimization
  • Concept & Prototype Development
  • Custom Automated Machines & Equipment
  • 3D Design & Product Development
  • Packaging
  • Mechanical Design
  • Process Improvement Tools
  • Tool and Die prototype and production manufacturing

Industrial Conveyor Systems

As you improve the processes in your plant, automated conveyor systems are a quick and efficient way to transport materials from one area to another. We work with you to design conveyor systems that allow you to work more efficiently, with less turnaround time and higher profit margins. There are many different types of conveyors available. We have extensive experience with each and will select and design the best system for you.

See below for a list of some of the conveyor systems we provide:

  • Belt Conveyor Systems
  • Chain Conveyor Systems
  • Gravity Conveyor Systems
  • Modular Conveyor Systems
  • Pneumatic Conveyor Systems
  • Spiral Conveyor Systems
  • Vertical Conveyor Systems
  • Bucket Conveyor Systems
  • Flexible Conveyor Systems
  • Material Conveyor Systems
  • Overhead Conveyor Systems
  • Roller Table Conveyor Systems
  • Screw Conveyor Systems
  • Vibrating Conveyor Systems

Industrial Process Control

Process controllers are yet another way to demand more capacity from your plant. We will work with you to evaluate your existing infrastructure and needs. Then we determine the appropriate process controls that work with your crucial process information to reduce variability, reduce unplanned downtime, reduce time to market and maintain network security. We work with all types of PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) programming to help you add this element to your lean manufacturing operation. We provide complete system design, installation, programming, staff training and support.