Automated Sorting System

Consumer Products Soft Goods Company


  • Existing sortation system was outdated and problematic.
  • Customer needed a new sortation system installed to meet the demands of their growing distribution operation.
  • We needed to install new system and commission it in a very short period of time to avoid any impact on distribution.


  • Install an automated sorter around the old sortation system.
  • Provide support, implementation and startup support then remove the existing sorter.
  • Complete project over a weekend and make the new sorter functional on Monday morning.


  • Installed the automated sorter allowing the controls personnel time to test and start on schedule.
  • Once the changeover was approved, we provided a large team to shut down the system on Friday night and cut in the feed to the automated sorter.
  • We tested the new system over the weekend. It was up and running for Monday morning production.


  • New sorter was installed and functional on schedule and on budget.
  • Our team stayed onsite to support the customer and optimize the distribution levels.
  • Customer met the upcoming season distribution schedule requirements.
  • Provided extra measures to keep areas safe and accessible during installation and cut in operations.